Casey Jones Music Fest is seeking music-loving, community-oriented volunteers to make sure our festival runs smoothly.

If you love helping people and want to help make sure Casey Jones Music Fest is a smashing success, please consider joining our team of volunteers. Fill out the form below and let us know how you would like to help. If you have volunteered at other events, list what volunteer activities you have performed.

Volunteer Perks: Work a single 4-hour shift and get free admission for the day. Work two 4-hour shifts and get free admission for two days. Work three 4-hours shifts and get a free weekend pass, including camping. We will attempt to schedule volunteer shifts so you can see the artists you love - please list the artists you really would like to watch. 

Volunteers are needed to help with: festival setup and teardown, parking, front-gate admission and/ticketing, parking, ice/merch sales, waste/recycling services and more.​

Volunteer Submission Form


SET UP CREW: Thursday afternoon, you will help build the festival site. Help set up lighting, tables and chairs, fencing/caution tape and festival signage as directed by facilities lead. 



You’re the first point of contact for our excited festivalgoers – think customer service first! You will be part of a small team responsible for three key areas: box office/customs, vendor/camper assistance, ice/merch sales. 

  • BOX OFFICE/CUSTOMS: You will meet and greet the public, check for valid wristbands, exchange tickets for appropriate wristbands, sell tickets, check in volunteers, and answer questions. 

  • VENDOR/CAMPER ASSISTANCE: Your job is to direct vendor and campers where to set up – think customer service first! For campers, describe camping area layout and available tent sites, and location of water and restrooms/showers. 

  • ICE/MERCH SALES: You will sell ice to campers (Saturday and Sunday ~1 hour each morning and afternoon) and man the merch table to help the artists sell their merch as needed.

We are looking for organized and friendly folks who can multi-task and are willing to help out in a fast-paced environment. 


PARKING: You will explain parking and loading options and direct vehicles and campers to the appropriate parking and or loading areas. You will help campers park their RVs and pop-ups as needed. You will also be responsible for maintaining proper traffic flow and assuring that folks park in designated areas on the Parrish Ranch property.


WATER/RECYCLING/WASTE STATIONS: Your job is to keep festival water jugs filled and trash and recycling stations emptied. Once an hour, you will check hydration stations, trash and recycle receptacles around the venue. When needed you will refill water jugs and pick up trash and recyclables, place new bags in the receptacles, and deliver trash to on-site dumpster.


FLOATER: You’re our superheroes, filling in wherever you’re needed! Depending on how the festival is going, we may need more help with parking, alcohol sales, customs check or several other jobs. Check in with Debbie 15 minutes before your shift, and, if necessary, hang out while we assess needs and find you an assignment. This is a low-key but crucial job that allows the festival to run smoothly no matter what.


TEAR DOWN CREW: Monday morning, you will help un-do everything the set-up crew did. Clean up the property as needed. Help with anything else that needs to be done.


Email caseyjonesinfo@gmail.com

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